How to apply

Applications for the 2020-21 Beacon Partnership CTeach Programme are now closed.

If you’re interested in joining future cohorts of the programme, please complete this form.

Particpants on the programme were required to complete an online application form and to share some details about their current role and experience, provide the details of a referee and respond to an essay question. For your information, we have included details of 2020-21 application process below.

The application process

The essay question seeks to find out more about you and your teaching practice in school and will assess your suitability to be part of the Chartered Teacher Programme. You may want to draft this before you begin completing the application form.

Your response will be assessed using the Professional Principles so we recommend that you familiarise yourself with them as you write your answers.

Please write a piece of critical analysis that evaluates the impact that a change that you made to your teaching practice had on the children and/or young people that you teach. (750 words).

This should be focused explicitly on a change to your teaching practice and not a change that you may have led across your team/school.

You should include responses to the following questions in your answer:

  • How did you ascertain which area of your practice you needed to improve?

  • What did you do in order to improve it?

  • How did you decide what change you should make?

  • How did you plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the change?

  • What impact did it have on outcomes of children and young people?

  • How do you know what impact it had?

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